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Completed in XXXXXXXXXX, 2020

Project Overview

Meta turbocharge Car Leasing brand & organic search authority

Car Leasing has been in business for over 25 years organising car leases for customers and the financial arrangements for the vehicles.

In 2018 Meta was hired as the SEO agency for Car Leasing prior to their new website re-design/re-launch. Our team worked with external developers Jacit to provide the technical SEO support required for a successful migration and provided essential input into the information architecture and on-page optimisation.

Over the past year Meta have developed an informational content strategy positioning Car Leasing as the go-to online knowledge authority on all things leasing and automotive. Our strategy has helped the site rank for more terms in search engines, and improved the domain authority and overall organic search visibility, resulting in some very impressive ROI and engagement.

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A selection of key statistics from this PR Campaign

organic traffic

ranking terms

leads generated

blog pageviews

The brief

By the end of 2018 we’d already seen improvements in traffic from organic search since our successful migration and launch of the new site. At that point, we were only doing minimal publishing to the blog and much of this was written internally by staff at Car Leasing.

Our primary objectives were to be seen by Google as a trustworthy knowledge authority, and to rank for many more longer trail phrases and engage users. We developed a robust SEO strategy (focussing on editorial content around informational search terms with user intent). This involved increasing publishing frequency to 8 blog articles per month. We hired professional automotive writers to produce authoritative content which we optimised and combined with strong illustrative lifestyle imagery.


  • To improve the domain authority for Car Leasing to influence organic rankings
  • To drive more organic traffic to the domain & secure more leads
  • To create quality and engaging blog content to improve user experience, time on site and returning visits
  • To attract high quality backlinks
  • To create multi-channel social media content to engage, raise brand awareness, build advocacy and drive traffic to the website

How we did it

We conducted a benchmark analysis of key ‘car leasing’ competitors to understand their behaviour in publishing content. We also looked at the automotive industry generally. The search landscape was highly competitive in terms of articles from online magazines, car manufacturers and dealers as well as leasing companies. Articles from automotive publishers tended to be the most authoritative and up to date.

To compete we needed to demonstrate that Car Leasing was a ‘knowledge authority’ on both vehicle leasing and in the automotive sector. We developed a strong editorial and monthly content strategy based around core themes with an added ‘reactive news’ element.

It was equally important to achieve a ‘stronger voice’ for Car Leasing by publishing more regularly. We also wanted to leverage the blog to fuel other channels with distributed content (social and email) to get the most from this activity and drive traffic from other channels too. We decided that 8 posts a month, (2 p/w) would be optimal to maintain a regular presence with users and keep it fresh.

We at Car Leasing have save seen a massive improvement in the volume of business generated from our website thanks to the hard work from Pete, and the rest of the team at Meta. Meta helped to launch our new website early 2018 and have continued to develop and improve the traffic to the site. Many thanks for the hard work and endless energy you all seem to have. Thank you once again.

Julian Pearson, Director, Car Leasing

Project highlights

Data Migration from Magento

Custom scripts to facilitate migration of all data, ensuring optimisation and integration with the new platform (front-end content / back-office customer records)

Full site re-design

Integration of an extensive top level mega drop down – make/model for all products

Custom Shopify filtering

Custom Shopify filtering on product listing pages. Shopify does not offer filtering of PLP’s out-of-the-box. Meta’s smart tagging app has allowed for the introduction of SEO friendly pages based on product attributes that was not possible previously.

Advanced SEO Functionality

To give a competitive advantage for long tail searches, we’ve included overrides via Liquid in combination with collection metafields. We match the selected tag against metafield data and then override key collection data mentioned above as well as images and content spots. This can be uitilised for as many tags as we wish to dynamically set filtered collection content.

International roll-out

Our team have worked with Cobrasport to deliver the internationalisation strategy for territory expansion to USA

Development highlights

Vehicle finder

Shop by brand links on manufacturer logos with data transformation (enable customers to find the right parts more easily)

Use of video to showcase exhaust sounds

Embedded video content with sound clips of exhausts to enhance user experience


Home page showreel of tig welding video content embedded to bring specialist welding process to life

Content Hub

Content hub to showcase Cobra Sport awards, press coverage, informational and inspirational content

Design flair to highlight key product features

Use of spinners to highlight key product features on exhausts – improving interactivity / user experience

Custom Pricing for B2B Content Hub

Functionality to provide custom pricing for B2B and B2C orders

Custom App build for B2B Invoicing

Custom app build/integration for B2B Trade Accounts with trade discounts, drop shipping facility and invoicing on account as a payment option at ecommerce checkout stage – this functionality does not exist on any other Shopify website)

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