As a nation, we spend a lot of time at work. In fact, over a third of someone's work day is spent in the office. So it's important to make that time enjoyable and rewarding for your employees. Which is why, at Meta, we make it our number one priority to ensure our staff are the happiest they can be.

To celebrate this romantic season, we asked the entire team why they love working at Meta:

  • I ❤️ working at Meta because it has a very relaxed atmosphere and as a reasonably new company, it is exciting to have input into/help the company grow! Beckie, Digital Marketing Lead
  • Meta has brought me friendships I'd never thought I'd have! Thank you for bringing me to these weird people 💘 Amy, PR Executive
  • One of the reasons I like Meta is the important placed on the very British custom of having a nice cup of tea. It is often a much-appreciated topic that helps our team tackle the day together! Pete, SEO Lead
  • We're always working on something interesting! The relaxed and friendly atmosphere we have here is great too. Mark, Web Designer
  • I ❤️ working at Meta because every day is different and I have made some good friends working here. The free monthly food and early finishes on a Friday are a bonus too! Chloé, Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • I'm able to learn new languages and approaches, and teach the ones I already know. I love Tim's vision and want to be a part of it! Donny, Web Developer
  • I love working at Meta because of the friendly environment & as an apprentice, there's plenty I can learn from the team! Maddie, Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • I love the Mocha's Amy makes, they're better than Starbucks! Dan, SEO Lead
  • There's nothing like a good cuppa to get the old grey matter going – I love reaching my daily intake of a dozen Yorkshire teas! Gareth, Director of Search & Marketing
  • The people!! You guys make working fun 😊 Tim, Development Director
  • I love working at Meta because coming to work gives me the ability to design on a daily basis, working with different businesses also allows me to explore different styles. Josh, Web Development Apprentice
  • Meta takes the responsibility of looking after staff members very importantly, therefore allowing us to work in a relaxed, motivated and pleasurable environment. I can assure you, Meta is a superb place to work! Sam, Office Manager

If you fancy joining our weird yet wonderful, caffeine fueled and biscuit driven team, you can check our current vacancies here.

Happy Valentine's Day from our lovely team 💘

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